Association of Resource Companies for the Hospitality Industry of India was formed around a decade before in 1990 to promote cooperation among persons, firms of companies connected with the hospitality trade and industry, producing equipment.

Machinery & supplies, and providing services to various hotels and restaurant as manufacturers, importer, exporters, whole sale or retail dealers or as person interested in trade. ARCHII adopts a common policy and collectively taking such steps as may be deemed necessary or expedient to further safeguard the interest of its members, pertaining to the trade and industry.

Today ARCHII is well recognized platform to discuss the possible arrangements, contracts, dealings between member’s interest to regulate and standardize as far as ethical business practice in the hospitality trade. ARCHII arranges, sponsors and support various conferences, exhibitions and lectures alongwith investigation, collection and circulating information and statistics relating to the hospitality trade. It also educate its members and general public by all suitable means, the benefits and utilities of environmental technology from the hygienic point of view.

Being a democratic body and having gone into regular elections of its executive committee, it helps in settlement of disputes by conciliation among the members and out side ARCHII.